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Dear visitors!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Larisa Voroshilova. I am a professional image consultant, stylist and personal shopper. My competences include image formation, advising on color and style, analyzing and correcting your body shape, identifying your style personality and wardrobe assessment.

By reasonable prior arrangement, consulting will be held at the following address: Bederstrasse 97, 8002 Zürich.

As a child I was a very passionate person and I was interested in many different things - painting, fashion, sports and new technologies. When I grew up I wanted to work in various fields. So I first graduated from the Institute of Economics and then I completed my MBA degree in finance. I have worked in a variety of industries.  . I got my experience in the organizations which were doing business in trade and custom tailoring of garment and footwear. I appreciated every job I had, as I met many interesting people and I learned a lot. This way I gained important experience which now helps me in my daily work. While working in different companies, I noticed how important it was to feel comfortable, to be dressed correctly and to look good in any situation. This was the key to my own business success.

My work offers the opportunity to meet new people and to share my knowledge and experience in image and style formation. I like to help people to fulfill their desire to look more attractive and to help them demonstrate their personal touch.

An improved image offers a lot of chances. For some people it is a good start to tackle vital problems, for others it is a positive boost to their personality. For everybody a new improved image will result in positive changes. Somebody will meet his love, someone will be promoted on the career ladder and others will start a new chapter of life. It is in your hands. There is always something challenging and wonderful with every day coming.

I will be happy to get in contact with you, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Larisa Voroshilova
Image consultant, Stylist, Personal Shopper


The art of choosing perfume

Published 26 October 2015

Every day we take our favorite perfume from the shelf, use it without thinking, and then continue on our business. The perfume's scent works for us all day long, as well as clothes and shoes. Why don’t we choose more carefully?

What to Wear?

Published 20 May 2015


  • Ольга

    Летом состоится свадьба моей дочери, а  я не знаю какой стиль платья и прически мне выбрать. Можете помочь?

  • Gloria

    Es wird bald das Silvester, aber ich weiß noch nicht, was ich anziehen soll. Was an Silvester tragen?

  • Руслана

    У меня густые и длинные волосы. Как подобрать прическу, если я маленького роста?