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Do you like to consult with your friends or relatives about the correctness of your chosen outfit, but you might want to know the opinion of an independent fashion expert and a professional personal stylist. There is a desire to get advice on proper chosen dress for a special occasion: a wedding party, a date, a job interview and so on.

Now you can find an on-line personal stylist wherever you are. I will help you to create the desired image, explain why it is right for you and how to create it.

Why should you go to an on-line personal stylist? Perhaps there is no personal stylist in your city, you cannot visit a stylist on site and therefore you are looking for an alternative. Maybe you just need a little advice, then an on-line personal stylist is perfect for you.

If you need help from a personal stylist, you contact her on line, and she will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. Think of us as a best friend whose opinion you can trust.

Individual styling consultations affects the following areas or are specially prepared to suit you.

Outfit for a party or special event.

Why waste time worrying and doubts about the correctness of the chosen outfit for the most important day of your life, when a personal stylist can do it for you. First date, ball, wedding, meeting in court, Christmas party, corporate event or interview - whatever the occasion a personal stylist will save your nerves, put together your outfit from head to toe or review an existing look you have pulled together.

Travel - packing.

How you look has a direct effect on how you feel on holiday, business or weekend trips. Take the stress out and pack everything you need along with your on-line personal stylist, she will give you the necessary guidance on how to look perfect throughout the day.

Shape changing.

We are not ideal, but we are unique. Even the best of us gain and lose weight throughout our lives. An on-line personal stylist will advise you as to what kind of clothes to wear to make you feel better, happier and more confident.

Job interview, first working day.

Dressing appropriately for an organization dress code isn’t superfluous, it is necessary in order to adapt to a new working team and not to feel like the black sheep. An on-line personal stylist will help you to make the right choice when choosing an outfit for a successful start to the new workplace.

Public performance

You are going to speak to a group of people in a conference room or some TV programme, you will be shown on TV. What to wear to feel comfortable in front of an audience, in a conference room and look good on video, at the same time. An on-line personal stylist will give you useful tips on color and style of the relevant outfit.

During the consultation, you will need - a computer, Internet access, a webcam, headphones, one hour of free time and Skype, which is free and easy to set up. Click here to learn how to configure Skype

Write to us to receive a consultation on Skype via email, include your full name, your questions and Skype - name so that we can exchange addresses.


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