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The art of choosing perfume

Published 26 October 2015

Every day we take our favorite perfume from the shelf, use it without thinking, and then continue on our business. The perfume's scent works for us all day long, as well as clothes and shoes. Why don’t we choose more carefully?

The choice and proper usage of perfume, as well as a neat look, is one of the most necessary skills for those people who want to be successful socially. We usually spend a lot of time to find an exact suit, understanding that we'll probably wear it often and not only for one season.

The skill of dealing with a scent is a real art. Clothes and jewelry show a person's status, and the scent, which comes from a person, is seen as an expression of his or her inner essence.

You already start noticing a perfume's scent well from the distance of approximately 20-30 cm. Ideally, this distance should be as small as possible, because this is our inner area, which is suitable for our friends, relatives, kids, the people nearest us. If these borders are broken with a strong and pungent scent, the establishment of interpersonal contacts can be problematic. You are advised to use your perfume carefully and economically.

It is better to apply your perfume on the inner part of wrists, elbows, behind ears, on so called pulsator spots. You should never rub the perfume into skin or spread it over skin, dropping a bit and leaving it on the skin is enough. Rubbing damages the molecules and changes the scent.

The other way of using perfume is to splash it vertically up and walk through the appearing cloud afterwards. It is better for perfume not to be applied directly on to clothing because it can leave grease stains.

Though the shops possess a wide range of perfumery production, and its diversity is stunning, it is becoming more and more difficult to find your own personal fragrance. Don't rush out to buy perfume according to your friends' recommendations, try every scent yourself. You should only trust your own nose.

Depending on your skin type and scent, perfume smells differently on every person. In order to choose a perfume, apply some drops on your wrist, wait for several minutes and later assess the aroma. You can apply two different fragrances on each wrist. The perfume totally opens in about 50 minutes. Don't be afraid to come, try and return to the perfumery store. You can achieve your dream of an ideal fragrance only by trying and making mistakes.

A shop-assistant is always happy to tell you about new aromas or the main components of the perfumes you are interested in. During this talk you should understand the difference between perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and eau de cologne.

Perfume contains the highest percentage of aromatic composition. The fraction of scented concentrate is 20-30%, it is dissolved in 96% spirit. Perfume possesses the longer endurance if compared with other kinds of perfumery production, and is accordingly the most expensive product.

You shouldn’t use perfume in the morning while scent perception is especially sharp, or in hot weather.

Eau de parfum is the second strongest, the percentage of fragrant oils in it is 15-25%. It is one of the most popular kinds of perfumery production, replacing perfume. You can use it all day long. The fragrance lasts well for 5-6 hours. In eau de parfum a "heart" of fragrance is expressed strongly, and daisy notes are much weaker. Plentiful usage of eau de parfum in the morning won't help to save the scent for the whole day, it will just make it too strong for others during the first hours after applying.

In eau de toilette the fraction of fragrance substances is 4-20%. Its scent is not as strong and more reserved. Some fragrances, especially for men, are made only in this concentration. Here upper and middle notes sound brightly, and daisy notes are slightly felt. You can use eau de toilette several times a day, as well in hot weather and for active rest.

Eau de cologne is the least concentrated product, its qualities and purposes are the same as for eau de toilette. Fragrant flavour's part is 3-10%, it is dissolved in 70% spirit. Eau de cologne is often used after shaving, also for disinfection.

Famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani said that a thoroughly chosen perfume can be your distinguishing feature: it is the first thing that people notice when you enter the room, and the last impression, disappearing after you leave.

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