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What to Wear?

Published 20 May 2015


All of us sometimes ask the question, what to wear? It seems that we have a wardrobe full of clothes but when trying on some outfits, we are not happy with our appearance in the mirror. It looks like something is missing in our complete outfit, or on the contrary, our whole look is overloaded with details.

This question can come up at any age and in different situations. Maybe somebody is looking for a good suit for his first job in his life. Somebody has been promoted and now a good suit has to underscore his new status. Someone has changed his job and there is another dress code in the organization. You are going to meet the woman or man of your dreams. Someone came out of maternity leave for work and noticed that the old clothes do not fit, because of the shape change, and you are experiencing difficulties in the selection of new clothes.

And if you're already retired, it's possibly the right time to reconsider your wardrobe and look right in friends and families circle. After all, you are a role model for your children and grandchildren. In all these situations there is a need to take an inventory of the wardrobe and update it accordingly.

Buying new clothes, people would like to look attractive and emphasize their individuality. They want to be dressed properly, in accordance to place and time. Often they choose clothes intuitively, based on their experience, advice of friends, or fashion magazines. Sometimes it works well, other times you feel like you made a bad choice. But you do not know what you did wrong. As a result, you no longer wear some of your clothing pieces. You are sure that you can look much better, but do not know what to change in your style.

A Personal style consultant would help you in determining your winning style and suggest suitable fashions and types of fabrics, accessories and shoes, which will be beneficial to your type of figure and emphasize your personality. The question “What to wear?” will not arise anymore, because you already know what clothes fit you perfectly, and will be able to buy items for your wardrobe according to the acquired knowledge.