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What colors of clothes suit me best?

Published 16 September 2015


Buying a blue shirt or a white t-shirt again, people do not usually analyze, why exactly these colors. They already have several of the same colored shirts in their closet. Often this is because of habit or business. Later, as they are preparing for some important event, which has a special meaning for them, they have difficulty in choosing the right clothes. They do not know how to look fresh, dynamic, competent and attractive, or romantic and cheerful.

The colors around us create the overall mood and definitely have a strong influence on us. What would you think first, if you see a stranger, dressed in all black or all red, for example? Definitely you would have a different feeling about these people. Our first impression is based on what a person wears.

So, we like some colors more than others. Often, choosing the color of the clothes or the interior, we focus on our preferences and inner intuition. Our loyalty to certain colors primarily determines our internal state and character as well as our profession and life activity. For example, some people are more suited to warm and bright colors, others to dark and cold.

People pay us compliments when we are dressed well, and ask about our health condition if dress is not optimal. This makes people feel unconfident and tired in certain color outfits, but in other ones more attractive, successful and self-confident.

As a personal style consultant I would help people to figure out what colors highlight their natural beauty. Some colors of clothes can help you to look more elegant, serious, and professional. Once you know what color and style of dress you prefer, you can easily combine clothes for yourself. Each garment piece will be combined easily with several others in color and style. There might be fewer items in your wardrobe, but they would combine better with each other. You'll spend less time for dressing and shopping. You will save money on unnecessary and inappropriate things and be in a good mood.