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Dress for a petite woman.

Published 15 March 2015
How to dress a petite woman? I am 157 сm. in height.

Answer stylist

There are some general rules for the selection of clothing: how to look taller.

Clothes should not be overly large or long. You need to avoid large collars, lush frills, large pockets and large hairstyles. Short and fitted clothes suit the petite woman perfectly. Choose jackets preferably to the waist or hipbone. ¾ Trousers and sleeves look good. However, insufficient length of trousers shortens legs a few inches. If you are choosing pants, you need to try them on with the shoes. The trousers should cover half of the heel or even more; this applies even to those cases where the heel has a height of 10 cm. This lengthens the legs visually and gives the image of a harmonious femininity and elegance.

You should not buy a skirt to mid-calf length. Visually, this skirt shortens the legs significantly. Extremely shirt miniskirts also look disadvantageous to the women and you should not wear them. A great alternative could be a straight narrow (“pencil”) skirt to the knees and an A-form silhouette skirt.

Fabrics with a large pattern absolutely do not suit petite women. You should not choose very dense and voluminous fabrics, such as large-scale corduroy and too big knit jersey. It is recommended to give preference to small delicate patterns. Experiments with colors contrasts should be under your controls. It is fashionable bright color combinations now. Try to sustain the ensemble in a single color, while adding a little juice of accent color.

Asymmetric blouses, skirts and dresses will help to look taller. Anything that extends to the waist shortens your height. Lines flared and expanding from the center down and up lengthen the figure. This effect can be achieved by a pleated skirt or a V-shaped neck cut. Shirts, jackets and coats can be carelessly buttoned one button at the waist. Bands, decorative seams and darts, which diverge from the waist upwards and downwards, will help you look taller as well.

The correct choice of footwear has a great value. Some petite women prefer mostly to walk in high heels and platforms. It is good. However, you should not choose too high heels, because petite women have generally lower leg growth and they appear disproportionate in some high heels. I do not recommend wearing shoes with a contrasting color tights or trousers. It is best to choose shoes and stockings tone-on-tone.